February 15, 2012




Mr. Speaker:


    Your BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY COMMITTEE, to whom has been referred


SENATE BILL 302, as amended


has had it under consideration and reports same with recommendation that it DO PASS, amended as follows:


     1. On page 2, line 5, strike "or operator" and insert in lieu thereof ", operator or employee".


     2. On page 2, line 6, after "dispense", insert "only New Mexico".


     3. On page 2, line 8, after "food", insert "in a common area of the bed and breakfast".


     4. On page 2, between lines 8 and 9, insert the following new subsections to read:


          "C. The issuance of a bed and breakfast license for beer and wine service shall be contingent on the approval of the local public governing body or local adoption district of the jurisdiction in which the business is domiciled.


          D. Service of New Mexico beer or wine with food to guests at a bed and breakfast shall be limited to two twelve-ounce servings of beer or two six-ounce servings of wine per guest.


          E. A special bed and breakfast dispensing license shall not be transferable from person to person or from one location to another.


          F. An owner, operator or employee of a bed and breakfast who holds a server permit shall comply with the provisions of the Alcohol Server Education Article of the Liquor Control Act.".


     5. Reletter the succeeding subsection accordingly.



                             Respectfully submitted,





Debbie A. Rodella, Chair



Adopted     Not Adopted

           (Chief Clerk)                            (Chief Clerk)





The roll call vote was 9 For 2 Against

Yes:      9

No:       Herrell, Tyler

Excused:  Doyle

Absent:   None




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