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Performance, Programming, and Cost of Middle Schools in New Mexico
Student achievement in eighth grade has a greater impact on college and career readiness than performance in any other grade in high school, and middle school (sixth, seventh, and eighth grades) accounts for 22 percent of the overall student enrollment in New Mexico and 50 percent of students taking statewide assessments. Yet, middle schools in New Mexico struggle with student performance, programming, and funding. This evaluation analyzed student socio-economic status, language acquisition, attendance, truancy, and mobility as factors that affect student performance.

Human Services Department: Centennial Care Waiver and Medicaid Managed Care Costs
In FY15, New Mexico will serve over 800 thousand Medicaid enrollees at a total cost of more than $5 billion. Medicaid costs will continue to grow, placing increased pressure on general fund reserves. Given the growing impact Medicaid will have on the New Mexico economy, this evaluation set out to examine cost management components and goals of Centennial Care, assess the rate setting process for managed care, and review HSD’s oversight of managed care organization fiscal requirements for Centennial Care. Three themes emerge in this evaluation, the growing costs of Medicaid, the inability to determine trends in the amount of care enrollees are receiving, and the need for additional control of the Medicaid budget.

2015 Special Session Memo
Three bills were passed during the one day First Special Session of the 52nd Legislature. The bills allocate funding for operational costs of the special session, budget shortfalls at two agencies, and over 1,000 capital outlay projects and provides for handful of tax-incentives. Combined with action taken during the regular legislative session, these three bills reduce projected year-end general fund reserves to 8 percent in FY15 and 7.5 percent in FY16.

General Fund Tracking Report, Accruals through March (June 2015)
The months of March and April are traditionally associated with large uncertainty in revenue collections. Total recurring revenue collection in March was $66.9 million (11.3 percent) lower than the same month a year ago, a decrease caused by the timing of miscellaneous receipts and reversions. March revenues from insurance premiums exceeded forecast by $31.3 million, an increase primarily driven by repayment of excessive credits related to assessments to insurers for costs of the New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool.

Adult Protective Services Spending, Investigation Management and Client Outcomes
New Mexico is rapidly aging, and is expected to rank fourth in the nation in the percentage of its population aged 65 or over by 2030. About 42 percent of New Mexicans aged 65 or older have a disability, making them particularly vulnerable to maltreatment. The Adult Protective Services system has been experiencing growth in reports, investigations, and substantiations of adult abuse, neglect, and exploitation since FY12. However, little information exists on the extent of APS’s impact on preventing future maltreatment. Staff caseloads are also rising and may not be optimally geographically distributed.

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