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Finance Facts
Five new Finance Facts, one-page guides on the mechanics of state government. These discuss investment funds, the Job Training Incentive Program, Medicaid, public school construction, and the lottery.

February Update to Consensus Revenue Estimate
Since the December 2014 forecast, the consensus revenue estimating group has revised both the estimates for FY15 and FY16 downward. The projection for "new money" for FY 16 is now $83 million, compared with $141 in December.

Summary of LFC and executive general fund FY16 appropriation recommendations
In a comparison of FY16 Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) and executive general fund appropriation recommendations, they are similar in overall appropriation amounts; however, there are notable differences in detail (attached). The LFC recommended FY16 general fund appropriations of $6.292 billion, an increase of 2.3 percent over FY15 appropriations and was $2 million higher than the executive recommendation.

Report of the Legislative Finance Committee to the Legislature: Policy and Performance Analysis

Report of the Legislative Finance Committee to the Legislature: Appropriation Recommendations

Report of the Legislative Finance Committee to the Legislature: Supplemental Charts and Graphs

Volume I of the budget recommendation provides an overview of the budget recommendation and the policies that shape discussion of the issues.

Volume II of the budget recommendations provides the details of revenue and expenditure recommendations by agency and a discussion of how the budget recommendation was developed.

Volume III of the budget recommendation is a collection of charts and tables that help support budget discussions.

General Fund Revenue Tracking Report: Accruals through October, 2014
October was a strong month for revenue collections, with total revenue coming in $86 million (16.2 percent) higher than the same month a year ago. Federal Mineral Leasing royalties were $56.7 million above October 2013, and general sales tax revenue increased by $32.5 million between the two periods. Net personal income tax revenue came in at $122 million in October, $6.3 million above the same month in 2013.

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