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General Fund Revenue Tracking Report: Accruals through February 2016
Year-to-date recurring revenue collection is down almost 10 percent from the same period a year ago but appears to be tracking closely with the revenue projections provided to legislators in February.

Program Evaluation Unit Memorandum: Special Review of the Financial Impact of Hatten-Gonzales Lawsuit
A 2014 ruling in a lawsuit arguing New Mexico families were being improperly denied public assistance has cost the state $5.4 million so far and could continue to have a financial impact with possible financial sanctions and a partial takeover of a state agency.

Health Notes: Medicaid Managed Care Provider Networks and Access to Care
Medicaid recipients, now over 40 percent of the state’s population, need meaningful access to health care if the state's overall health is going to improve. The LFC’s review of current provider network adequacy raises concerns that some Medicaid recipients have trouble accessing the healthcare system, and the Human Services Department should monitor this area more closely.

General Fund Revenue Tracking Report: Accruals through January 2016
General Fund revenue through January is tracking at $6 billion, -0.8 percent or $46.7 million below the consensus revenue estimating group's revised January forecast. Revenues appear to be tracking approximately with the the guidance provided to legislators at the end of the legislative session.

Program Evaluation: Job Training and Employment Programs – Service Outcomes, Cost Effectiveness, and Coordination with the State
Despite progress, New Mexico’s workforce development system remains fragmented, with no common plan to coordinate over 35 programs identified delivering education, training, and social services to New Mexicans

2016 Post-Session Fiscal Review
Crashing revenue estimates during the 2016 legislative session forced lawmaker to develop a solvency package for both FY16 and FY17 that included transferring and reverting cash balances to the general fund, using the full allocation of tobacco settlement revenue, and re-prioritizing spending levels. However, a handful of legislative priorities received modest funding increases, including public education, Medicaid, services for vulnerable children and the elderly, and public safety. Other legislative action will also have an impact on state operations and finances.

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