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Finance Facts: Highway Funding
The New Mexico Department of Transportation and the State Transportation Commission are charged with maintaining the state’s transportation infrastructure, including 30,000 lane miles of interstate corridors and U.S. and state highways. To maintain this infrastructure, NMDOT relies on two main sources of funding: the state road fund and transfers from the Federal Highway Administration.

Health Notes Brief: Uncompensated Care in New Mexico After the Affordable Care Act
As more New Mexicans have obtained insurance coverage, the costs of uncompensated care in New Mexico have dropped significantly.

Accountability Report: Medicaid
The Medicaid Accountability Report provides performance and cost information on Centennial Care across physical health, behavioral health, and long-term care services.

Status of New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange Performance and Operations
An evaluation of the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange, a marketplace for health insurance created by the state in response to the federal Affordable Care Act, finds the exchange has spent $78 million with limited benefits to taxpayers. Marketing was costly with low resulting enrollment, and the investments in IT did not result in a full implementation of the individual exchange.

Opportunities to Leverage Federal Medicaid Funds
Rethinking the use of Medicaid funding for certain state programs could translate into almost $82 million in new or saved general fund revenue.

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