51st legislature - STATE OF NEW MEXICO - first session, 2013


William Soules









     WHEREAS, New Mexico is a state rich in renewable resource potential, including, but not limited to, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and biofuels energy; and

     WHEREAS, New Mexico has taken the initiative to implement policies and incentives for renewable resource development, and, given New Mexico's geographical location, the state is poised to become a leader in the new energy economy; and

     WHEREAS, renewable energy projects provide improved system reliability, improved infrastructure for economic development and enhanced diversity of power storage technologies that lead to lower or stabilized energy costs; and

      WHEREAS, the use of renewable energy resources is of vital importance to New Mexico's future; and

     WHEREAS, the New Mexico state government administers many existing laws and regulations regarding energy production; and

     WHEREAS, the state government also administers many incentives intended to stimulate new renewable energy production; and

     WHEREAS, the state government also administers a range of programs intended to encourage or subsidize energy conservation or efficiency; and

     WHEREAS, the state has adopted renewable energy portfolio standards and other future targets for energy savings; and

     WHEREAS, any future comprehensive energy planning and policymaking will require an understanding of existing policies; and

     WHEREAS, it is clear that with today's technology, much more energy can be harvested from the sun and wind, but the sun and wind do not always produce energy when it is needed; and      WHEREAS, New Mexico is lacking renewable energy storage capacity to enable delivery of renewable energy when it is needed; and

     WHEREAS, in the history of wind energy, the tax and legislative incentives that began in the 1970s have produced such a vibrant wind industry today that wind energy is now more competitive with conventional generation methods, so that tax and legislative incentives are being actively phased out across the nation; and

     WHEREAS, it is imperative that New Mexico, a national leader in the implementation of renewable energy, explore the steps needed to bring the energy storage industry to parity with the renewable energy generation industry; and

     WHEREAS, New Mexico's national laboratories are world leaders in the research of energy storage, energy transmission and renewable energy generation technology;

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO that the energy, minerals and natural resources department be requested to:

          A. convene a working group of representatives of energy-related state offices, including the energy, minerals and natural resources department, the department of environment, the New Mexico renewable energy transmission authority, the economic development department, the public regulation commission and the office of the governor, as well as representatives of New Mexico's national laboratories and the private and nonprofit sectors;

          B. organize the working group to compile an inventory of major existing renewable energy storage policies and regulations;

          C. develop legislative and regulatory recommendations and alternatives that can incentivize renewable energy storage technologies and infrastructure development to benefit New Mexico, with the recommendations drawing on successful planning practices utilized in other states; and

          D. present the report to the appropriate interim committee of the legislature by October 2013; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the energy, minerals and natural resources department be requested to integrate this effort into the responsibilities of other existing task forces, working groups or agency activities already under way that address related efforts; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this memorial be transmitted to the secretary of energy, minerals and natural resources, the secretary of environment, the director of the New Mexico renewable energy transmission authority, the secretary of economic development, the public regulation commission, the office of the governor, the state's rural electric cooperatives, the directors of the national laboratories located in New Mexico and the chief operating officers of utility companies providing service in New Mexico.

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