Handouts and Materials provided to the Economic Development Committee of the Blue Ribbon Tax Reform Commission Meeting on August 12, 2003

CFO "State Taxes: A Guide for the Besieged", August 1996 article reprint, provided by Doug Lindholm, Executive Director, Council on State Taxation

Economic Development Tax Incentives — Gross Receipts Tax, provided by Legislative Council Service

Section 7-9-26.1, et al., NMSA 1978 Exemption; gross receipts tax and compensating tax; fuel for space vehicles, provided by Legislative Council Service

Review of Certain Economic Development Incentives, dated August 12, 2003, presented by Richard Anklam, Tax Policy Director, Taxation and Revenue Department

Administrative Recommendations on Business Tax Issues, dated August 12, 2003, presented by Secretary Jan Goodwin, Taxation and Revenue Department

Practitioners' Concerns and Recommendations Regarding the Administration of Corporate and Gross Receipts Tax, provided by Ray Benton, New Mexico Society of Enrolled Agents, Inc.

Consolidated Recommendations by Technology Industries Association of New Mexico, New Mexico Alliance for Affordable Phones, High Tech Consortium of Southern New Mexico and Southwest Space Task Force, presented by Carroll Cagle

Removal of Governmental Gross Receipts Tax from the Sale of Tickets to Non-Athletic Special Events Taking Place on the Campus of New Mexico State University, dated August 11, 2003, presented by Will Lofdahl