Handouts and Materials Provided to the Family Committee of the Blue Ribbon Tax Reform Commission Meeting on July 28, 2003

Gross Receipts Tax on Food: Alternative Definitions and Fiscal Impact Estimates, provided by Tax Research and Statistics Office, Taxation and Revenue Department

United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Services, Food Stamp Program (FSP), provided by Sharon Regensburg, bureau chief, Policy and Program Development Bureau, Human Services Department

How to Repeal New Mexico's Food Tax, provided by Fred Nathan, director, Think New Mexico

Gross Receipts Tax on Food.... the Rest of the Story, provided by Brian McDonald, economist

Gross Receipts Tax on Food, Municipal Issues, provided by Bill Fulginiti, New Mexico Municipal League

Presentation Before the Family Committee of the Blue Ribbon Tax Reform Commission, provided by Sam Montoya, director, New Mexico Association of Counties

Arguments Against the Repeal of the Gross Receipts Tax on Food, provided by Kay Monaco and Kelly O'Donnell, New Mexico VOICES for Children

Food Industry Concerns, provided by Gene Valdez, New Mexico Grocers Association

Frequently Asked Questions About New Mexico's Taxation of Food and Medical Services, provided by Stan Feinstein, vice president, and Laird Graser, consultant, New Mexico Citizens for Physician Retention

ACI's Position on the Proposal to Remove Gross Receipts Tax on Retail Food Sales, provided by Tim Van Valen, chairman, Association of Commerce and Industry Taxation Committee

Factors Contributing to New Mexico's Physician Recruitment and Retention Crisis, provided by Dan Derksen, MD, president, Greater Albuquerque Medical Association

Physician Supply in New Mexico - 2002, provided by Patricio Larragoite, DDS, director, New Mexico Health Policy Commission

Location Report, 2003 - University of New Mexico School of Medicine MD Recipients and Former Residents, provided by UNM School of Medicine

Testimony, Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform, Family Sub Committee, provided by Ona Porter, executive director, New Mexico Association of Community Action Agencies