Handouts and Materials provided to the Selective Excise Committee of the Blue Ribbon Tax Reform Commission meeting on July 28, 2003

Overview of Gaming, Liquor and Cigarette Taxes, dated July 28, 2003, presented by Melissa Vigil

Tobacco Tax Presentation to New Mexico Tobacco Settlement Committee, provided by Terry Trost

Intergovernmental Agreement Between the Arizona Department of Revenue and the Office of the Navajo Tax Commission, provided by

Arizona Luxury Tax: Tobacco Tax, provided by Arizona Department of Revenue

New Mexicans Concerned About Tobacco, dated July 28, 2003, presented by Nathan Bush

The Economic Impact of New Mexico's Proposed $.60 Per Pack Cigarette Tax Increase

Higher Excise Taxes May Not Generate Much Revenue for New Mexico; 65 Percent of New Mexico's Population Lives Within 15 Miles of Reservation Lands, provided by John Dunham and Associates

State-Tribal Tobacco Agreements, provided by Cynthia Serna

Tribal Cigarette Tax Policy Information Overview, State-by-State, provided by Cynthia Serna

Comments to Selective Excise Tax Committee on July 28, 2003 by Cynthia Serna, Director, New Mexicans Concerned About Tobacco (NMCAT)

Pall Mall cigarettes advertisement regarding rising excise taxes, provided by

Talking Points, presented by Ron Solimon, President and CEO of Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc., and Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Excise Tax on Spirits, Wine and Beer in the U.S. as of January 1, 2003, provided by

Testimony on Behalf of the Local Option Liquor Excise Tax, dated July 28, 2003, presented by Harry Montoya

Budgets by Component - Grant, Distribution and Detox

Presentation to the Selected Excise Tax Committee of the Governor's Blue Ribbon Tax Commission: Liquor Excise Tax, dated July 25, 2003, presented by Greg Brown, General Manager, Joe G. Maloof Companies

Resource Center, Inc., Memorandum dated July 28, 2003, provided by Linda Atkinson

Position Paper, New Mexico Restaurant Association, presented by Patrick Hatner

Behavioral Health Research Center of the Southwest, presented by Dr. Sandra Lapham

Testimony to the BRTC Select Excise Tax Committee, dated July 28, 2003, presented by the New Mexico Department of Health, Glenn Wieringa, MRC, Health Educator, Public Health Division, Santa Fe Health Office

Testimony to the BRTC Select Excise Tax Committee, dated July 28, 2003, presented by the New Mexico Association of Counties DWI Coordinators Affiliate James Gilson, MA, LPC., LADAC, Administrator, Sandoval County DWI and Substance Abuse Prevention Programs

Options for Consideration Resulting from Committee Discussion and Presentations: Motor Fuel Excise Taxes