February 20, 2017




Mr. Speaker:


    Your HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEE, to whom has been referred




has had it under consideration and reports same with recommendation that it DO PASS, amended as follows:


1. On page 1, line 17, after "REMEDY", insert "--EXCEPTIONS".


     2. On page 3, between lines 9 and 10, insert the following new subsection:


          "G. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit:


                (1) a health care provider from using telehealth in accordance with the provisions of the New Mexico Telehealth Act for ocular diseases;


                (2) a vision screening performed in a school by a nurse, physician assistant, osteopathic physician assistant or another provider otherwise authorized pursuant to state law;


                (3) an optician from completing a prescription for spectacles or contact lenses in accordance with the provisions of the Optometry Act; or


                (4) a technician from providing an eye care screening program at a health fair, not-for-profit event, not-for-profit public vision van service, public health event or other similar event.".


     3. Reletter the succeeding subsection accordingly.,


and thence referred to the JUDICIARY COMMITTEE.                         

                             Respectfully submitted,





Deborah Armstrong, Chair



Adopted     Not Adopted

           (Chief Clerk)                            (Chief Clerk)





The roll call vote was 6 For 0 Against

Yes:      6

No:       0

Excused:  Dow

Absent:   None





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