March 2, 2019




Mr. Speaker:


    Your JUDICIARY COMMITTEE, to whom has been referred




has had it under consideration and reports same with recommendation that it DO PASS, amended as follows:



    1. On page 1, line 21, strike "or" and insert in lieu thereof a comma and after "operating", insert ", maintaining or controlling".


    2. On page 2, line 12, strike the colon.


    3. On page 2, line 13, strike the subparagraph designation "(a)".


    4. On page 2, line 15, after "number", insert:


", including the manufacturer's serial number, engine number, decal or other distinguishing number or identification mark or number placed under assignment of the motor vehicle division of the taxation and revenue department of a vehicle required to be registered pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Code or any vehicle, motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine or component as defined in the Motor Vehicle Code".


    5. On page 2, strike lines 19 through 25 and on page 3, strike lines 1 through 24 in their entirety.


    6. Renumber the succeeding paragraphs accordingly.,


and thence referred to the APPROPRIATIONS & FINANCE COMMITTEE.                            

                             Respectfully submitted,





Gail Chasey, Chair





Adopted     Not Adopted

           (Chief Clerk)                            (Chief Clerk)





The roll call vote was 10 For 0 Against

Yes:      10

No:       0

Excused:  Alcon, Armstrong, D., Ely, McQueen

Absent:   None






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