54th legislature - STATE OF NEW MEXICO - first session, 2019


Sander Rue









     WHEREAS, Bernalillo county is rich in history and culture and is located in central New Mexico, stretching from the east mountain area of the Sandia mountains to the volcano cliffs on the west mesa; and

     WHEREAS, Bernalillo county was founded in 1852 as an agricultural community based on eight original land grants; and

     WHEREAS, Bernalillo county's official seal depicts eight sheep representing the original land grants; and

     WHEREAS, Bernalillo county designated BernCo Bernie, the sheep, as the official spokes-sheep for quality of life outreach initiatives in the county; and

     WHEREAS, Bernalillo county consists of one thousand one hundred sixty-six square miles and is the most populous county in New Mexico with more than six hundred seventy-six thousand residents; and

     WHEREAS, Bernalillo county government is an effective steward of county resources and a partner in building a high quality of life for county residents, communities and businesses; and

     WHEREAS, Bernalillo county holds government accountability in high esteem and is transparent and a good steward of taxpayer dollars; and

     WHEREAS, Bernalillo county offers public infrastructure, support systems and services to meet community needs; and

     WHEREAS, Bernalillo county believes in a community that is physically healthy and active; and

     WHEREAS, Bernalillo county offers numerous services, outstanding parks, recreation and open space facilities, and is the steward of the cultural assets within its boundaries; and

     WHEREAS, Bernalillo county is a driver of economic development, land use and development in central New Mexico; and

     WHEREAS, since 2012, the Bernalillo county commission has supported fifty-five projects that have created more than four thousand eight hundred forty-four new permanent jobs and five thousand four hundred twenty-seven construction jobs and has invested more than nine hundred forty-one million dollars ($941,000,000) into the local economy; and

     WHEREAS, the New Mexico legislature has invested more than twenty-two million dollars ($22,000,000) for capital outlay projects in Bernalillo county since 2012;

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO that February 19, 2019 be declared "Bernalillo County Day" in the senate; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this memorial be transmitted to the board of commissioners of Bernalillo county.

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