54th legislature - STATE OF NEW MEXICO - second session, 2020


Richard C. Martinez









     WHEREAS, humankind has no greater friend on the earth than trees; and

     WHEREAS, trees convert polluted air into clean oxygen that gives life and supports humankind's healthy existence on this fragile earth; and

     WHEREAS, trees have become a part of humankind's history in New Mexico, as they have witnessed and marked times and historical events in people's lives; and

     WHEREAS, many trees are routinely being cut down and destroyed on a regular basis from the grounds of schools, universities, government buildings and public areas; and

     WHEREAS, much of the destruction of trees is caused by a lack of education about effective methods of saving and preserving trees; and

     WHEREAS, some persons in tree management are not on the cutting edge of new methods of saving and preserving trees; and

     WHEREAS, it is easier to think it is simpler to cut the tree down and destroy the legacy of history of a tree's life and the cleansing powers of its leaves than to try to save the tree; and

     WHEREAS, the destruction of trees steals New Mexico's children's legacy, as the children will never see or enjoy the trees that existed for tens or hundreds of years before their time; and

     WHEREAS, trees are not only the corner post of humankind's existence on the planet given the air and water they filter and clean, but are also historical landmarks; and

     WHEREAS, with new technology and education, almost all trees can be saved and can, with pruning and treatment, be restored to full health and live for decades or centuries more; and

     WHEREAS, fungal cavities that once made it necessary to cut down a tree for safety's sake can now be treated to stop the fungi; and

     WHEREAS, fungal cavities exposed to the air can be sterilized to kill fungal spores and refilled with a product that contains a long-acting macrobiotic and is stronger than the wood in the cavity it fills, making the tree safer than ever before and healthy for many years to come; and

     WHEREAS, throughout New Mexico, cities are filled with partially dead and dying trees, and it should be the responsibility of each overseer of state, county and municipal property to treat each tree as a New Mexico treasure and remove dead branches and systemically treat any pathogen affecting a tree;

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO that when requests for proposals are written for saving trees from insect infestation or pruning, which trees are at least five inches in diameter when measured five feet above ground level, state agencies, counties and municipalities should be requested to include as a requirement of a request for proposals:

          A. a guarantee of the life of the tree for a period of at least two years; and

          B. a condition that should a tree die from parasites or disease within the guarantee period, the entity originally undertaking the treework will, at the entity's expense, cut down the tree and grind and remove the stump; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this memorial be transmitted to the governor, New Mexico counties and the New Mexico municipal league.