54th legislature - STATE OF NEW MEXICO - second session, 2020


Gabriel Ramos









     WHEREAS, Grant county is known for its mining, ranching and art communities; blend of Hispanic, Native American and Anglo cultures; blue skies with three hundred sixty days of sunshine per year; vast mountain landscapes; and small-town atmosphere; and

     WHEREAS, Grant county is the gateway to the vast Gila wilderness; and

     WHEREAS, Grant county's largest city and county seat, Silver City, is the only municipality in New Mexico still operating under the territorial charter issued by the legislative assembly of the territory of New Mexico in 1878; and

     WHEREAS, Grant county is the richest county for mining in New Mexico and is home to more restaurants than fast food establishments; and

     WHEREAS, Grant county is home to western New Mexico university, which will celebrate its one-hundred-twenty-seventh anniversary this year, and the world's foremost collections of ancient Mimbres pottery are displayed at the western New Mexico university museum; and

     WHEREAS, Grant county is known for its true west history that includes prehistoric Native Americans, Chiricahua Apache and wild west characters such as Billy the Kid and lawman Dan Tucker; and

     WHEREAS, Grant county is where, in 1866, company B of the one-hundred-twenty-fifth United States colored infantry was established at Fort Bayard; and

     WHEREAS, Grant county is honored as the home of many veterans, including members of New Mexico's two-hundredth coast artillery regiment, many of whom were subjected to the Bataan death march, including the late Representative Tom Foy; and

     WHEREAS, Grant county straddles the Continental Divide trail, a national scenic trail, at six thousand to seven thousand feet, providing cool summers, as well as uninterrupted views of the Mexican border to the south; and

     WHEREAS, Grant county hosts the annual tour of the Gila, New Mexico's premier cycling stage race, which attracts national and international teams and boosts awareness and use of the trail of the Mountain Spirits national scenic byway; and

     WHEREAS, Grant county has many well-known festivals, including the blues festival, clay festival, festival of the written word and Southwest print fiesta; and

     WHEREAS, Grant county recognizes Lieutenant Governor Howie Morales of Grant county;

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO that January 29, 2020 be proclaimed "Grant County Day" in the senate; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the great people and great places of Grant county be recognized; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this memorial be transmitted to the members of the board of county commissioners of Grant county.

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