January 29, 2021

Mr. President:

    Your EDUCATION COMMITTEE, to whom has been referred


has had it under consideration and reports same with recommendation that it DO PASS, amended as follows:

    1. On page 1, line 13, before the period, insert "; MAKING AN APPROPRIATION".

    2. On page 1, line 23, after "B", insert "or C".

    3. On page 1, line 24, strike "may" and insert in lieu thereof "shall".

    4. On page 2, between lines 10 and 11, insert the following new subsection:

         "C. The department shall grant a waiver to a state or locally authorized charter school.".

    5. Reletter the succeeding subsections accordingly.

    6. On page 2, strike lines 18 and 19 in their entirety and insert in lieu thereof the following new paragraphs:

             "(2) is licensed by the board of nursing as a nurse;

             (3) is licensed by the department as a school nurse; and".

    7. Renumber the succeeding paragraph accordingly.

    8. On page 3, after line 25, insert the following new section:

    "SECTION 3. APPROPRIATION.--Two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000) is appropriated from the general fund to the public education department for expenditure in fiscal year 2022 to assist public schools in hiring school nurses in each public school and charter school in the state. Any unexpended or unencumbered balance remaining at the end of fiscal year 2022 shall revert to the general fund.".

    9. Renumber the succeeding section accordingly.,

and thence referred to the FINANCE COMMITTEE.

                               Respectfully submitted,


                               William P. Soules, Chairman

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          (Chief Clerk) (Chief Clerk)

                  Date ________________________

The roll call vote was 7 For 1 Against

Yes:      7

No:       Brandt

Excused: None

Absent:   None

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