56th legislature - STATE OF NEW MEXICO - first session, 2023


Kristina Ortez









     WHEREAS, since 2013, Kit Carson electric cooperative members have set out to create change in how the cost of electrical power and the source of that generated power impacts the lives of its community members; and

     WHEREAS, Kit Carson electric cooperative members agreed to a first phase of action as part of an energy independence transition plan, anchored by a necessary change in wholesale power suppliers, which restored local decision making for Kit Carson electric cooperative members in matters of electric power supply; and

     WHEREAS, Kit Carson electric cooperative members set a goal to lower and stabilize the cost of power, and the cost savings goal has now been achieved with fixed wholesale power rates and with members realizing a reduction in power rates of up to twenty-five percent; and

     WHEREAS, Kit Carson electric cooperative members set a goal to move away from the existing costly, fossil-heavy power mix served to its members and to secure the ability to self-generate renewable power by locally managed and maintained clean energy generation plants; and

     WHEREAS, the clean, local power generation goal has now been achieved with Kit Carson electric cooperative's forty-one megawatts of distributed solar power generation, plus sixteen megawatts of accompanying battery storage; and

     WHEREAS, by Kit Carson electric cooperative leaving its former wholesale power provider in 2016 and partnering with new wholesale energy supplier, Guzman energy, Kit Carson electric cooperative set an ambitious goal of becoming one of the cleanest energy cooperatives in America; and

     WHEREAS, that goal has been achieved with one hundred percent of its power needs supplied in summer by daytime solar power generation; and

     WHEREAS, New Mexico has set an objective to achieve a statewide reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by forty-five percent by the year 2030, and Kit Carson electric cooperative is contributing to that reduction goal and is leading the way for other cooperatives around the state and the country to follow its model in driving the energy transition; and

     WHEREAS, for Kit Carson electric cooperative to make these changes and advancements, it reached an agreement to exit its former wholesale power arrangement with a power generation cooperative at a cost of thirty-seven million dollars ($37,000,000) based on Kit Carson electric cooperative's portion of generation cooperative related debt, and Kit Carson electric cooperative has fully repaid this charge; and

     WHEREAS, Kit Carson electric cooperative will continue to recognize cost savings through the Guzman energy and Kit Carson electric cooperative wholesale power partnership that is now expected to save Kit Carson electric cooperative one hundred fifty million dollars ($150,000,000) to one hundred seventy million dollars ($170,000,000) over the total lifetime of the wholesale power agreement; and

     WHEREAS, the Kit Carson electric cooperative and Guzman energy partnership has consistently shown community support, especially in the area of education, as demonstrated by the distribution of more than five hundred thirty-three thousand five hundred dollars ($533,500) in scholarships to graduating high school students for their continuing education; and

     WHEREAS, during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic, Kit Carson electric cooperative provided much-needed services to its community members, including providing wi-fi hotspots for students and teachers thrust into remote learning, supplying first responders with necessary broadband service and ensuring that the elderly had food delivery during a period marked by heightened isolation; and

     WHEREAS, Kit Carson electric cooperative will continue its work on phase two of its energy independence transition plan with Guzman energy, focusing on expanding more distributed energy resources, local battery storage and electric vehicle infrastructure, as well as a commitment to the exploration of joint green hydrogen development;

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO that February 15, 2023, be declared "Kit Carson Energy Independence Day" in the house of representatives; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Kit Carson electric cooperative be acknowledged for achieving "energy independence" for its members through electricity price stability, cost decreases, the ability to serve additional renewable energy resources and restoring local decision-making ability to better serve its members; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this memorial be transmitted to the chief executive officer of Kit Carson electric cooperative.

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