TENTATIVE   AGENDA                                             5/9/01

Legislative Finance Committee

Room 307 - State Capitol

Santa Fe, New Mexico

May 23, 24 and 25, 2001





Wednesday, May 23, 2001


       8:30    B    Organizational

1.                    Chairman=s Remarks

2.                    Interim Calendar

3.                    Interim Travel

4.                    Interim Subcommittee Appointments


   9:30  -- Performance Based Budgeting BDuffy Rodriguez, State Budget Director; Bill Taylor, Mark Valdes, LFC Staff

            - -   Operating Budgets

            - -  Proposed FY03 Programs

            - -  Audit

            - -  Interim Implementation Plans


  12:00  -- Lunch Recess


   1:30  B  Review of District Attorney and Court Pay Plans B Matt Sandoval, President, District Attorney=s Association; Judge Lynn Pickard, Appeals Court; Duffy Rodriguez, State Budget Director


   3:00  B  Report on New Mexico First Town Hall on ANew Mexico=s Taxes: Taking Another Look@ B Judy Zanotti, Director, New Mexico First


       4:00    B    Miscellaneous Business

1.                    Post Session Fiscal Report

            2. Approval of January Minutes

3.                    Monthly BAR Report

4.                    Monthly Cash Balance Report

5.                      Approval of LFC Contracts

6.                    Report on NCSL/Congressional Meetings


   5:00  -- Adjourn

Thursday, May 24, 2001


   8:30  B  Report on Infrastructure Needs for Higher Education B 3DI Corporation, Bruce Hamlett, Director of the Commission on Higher Education; Miguel Hidalgo, CHE Director of Capital Projects; Carl Radenault, 3D/International Project Manager


  10:00  B  Review of Audit and Analyst Interim Work Plans BLFC Staff


     12:30    B    Lunch Recess


       1:30    B    Status of Major Investment Projects, Update on Road Financial Outlook BSecre­tary Pete Rahn, State Highway and Transportation Department


       5:00    B    Adjourn


Friday, May 25, 2001


       8:30    B    Long-Term CareBPending Reforms B Ramona Flores-Lopez, Director, Long-Term Services Division, Department of Health; Cathy Valdes, Acting Assistant Director, Medical Assistance Division


     11:00    B    Adjourn
















If you require special accommodations, such as an American sign language interpreter or reader, to attend and participate in any scheduled Legislative Finance Committee meet­ing, please contact Joyce S. Pankey, (505) 986-4550 [TDD (505) 986-4552], at least five (5) working days prior to a scheduled meeting.  Agendas and minutes of scheduled meetings can be made available in alternative formats upon request.