October 3, 2001









The Honorable Richard Romero and

Members of the Senate

Executive-Legislative Building

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87503


Honorable President and Members of the Senate:


I have this day VETOED and am returning SENATE BILL 33, as amended, enacted by the Forty-Fifth Legislature, First Special Session, 2001.


There is hardly a way of configuring a Congressional redistricting plan for New Mexico which shows more contempt for the concept of “community of interest.”  This bill slices the state into what could only be described as a state fair pinwheel spinning across New Mexico, tearing apart any reasonable communities of interest -- it is partisan gerrymandering at its worst.  There exists no justification for the “pinwheel” other than contempt for the citizens of this state, their history, and their multitude of cultural interests.


This plan divides New Mexico’s ranching interests, its three major crop farming areas and its dairy industry.  And under this plan, the state's high-tech community is split between two districts, as are the people who work in those industries, the ancillary businesses associated with both private and government technology, the Department of Defense and Department of Energy interests.  This plan also creates a district that combines Las Cruces and Albuquerque, a shared “community of interest” which has never, and does not now, exist.  It divides Albuquerque (a true community of interest) three ways -- a travesty considering that the city’s metropolitan area almost exactly equals the ideal size for a seat.  Southwest New Mexico is split, Southeast New Mexico is split, and greater Albuquerque is split for no apparent reason other than partisanship.  In sum, this plan fails to observe any of New Mexico’s traditional representation patterns.



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Senate Bill 33



The failure of the Legislature to provide me with a fair and competitive Congressional redistricting plan, especially in light of my earlier statements of concern with regard to splitting up Albuquerque, is disappointing to say the least.







          Gary E. Johnson         





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