Committee On Compacts


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Scheduled Legislation

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Committee Members

Representative Sharon Clahchischilliage RChair
Senator Clemente Sanchez DVice Chair
Senator Pete Campos DMember
Representative Zachary J. Cook RMember
Senator Stuart Ingle RMember
Representative D. Wonda Johnson DMember
Representative Larry A. Larrañaga RMember
Representative Tim D. Lewis RMember
Representative Georgene Louis DMember
Senator George K. Munoz DMember
Senator Cliff R. Pirtle RMember
Senator William E. Sharer RMember
Senator John Arthur Smith DMember
Representative Alonzo Baldonado RAdvisory
Senator Carlos R. Cisneros DAdvisory
Representative Nate Gentry RAdvisory
Senator Ron Griggs RAdvisory
Senator Richard C. Martinez DAdvisory
Senator Mark Moores RAdvisory
Senator Mary Kay Papen DAdvisory
Senator William H. Payne RAdvisory
Senator John Pinto DAdvisory
Representative Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert RAdvisory
Representative Debbie A. Rodella DAdvisory
Representative G. Andrés Romero DAdvisory
Representative Nick L. Salazar DAdvisory
Senator Benny Shendo, Jr. DAdvisory