Legislative Finance Committee

General Fund Revenue Tracking Report: Accruals Through April 2020

General fund recurring revenue in April, the first full month after the start of the pandemic shut down, was down more than 10 percent from the same month a year ago, and revenue for the fiscal year through April was down almost 4 percent. However, gross receipts tax and personal income tax collections for the month were higher than expected, with PIT collections up from the same month last year.

Program Evaluation: Nursing Expansion and Workforce

Program Evaluation: Nursing Expansion and Workforce State investment has resulted in more nurses to meet a growing need, but the state could better target barriers to further growth.

Policy Spotlight: Prison Classification

New Mexico inmates are frequently placed in higher security settings than might be necessary, an approach that could cost the state up to $28 mil-lion a year.

Hearing Briefs: Reopening Public Schools and Higher Education Campuses

Plans from the state’s public schools and colleges for reopening in the fall are focused on distance learning with in-person classes limited to special groups and certain classes.
Reopening Public Schools and Enhancing Instruction Time
Reopening College Campuses: Strategic Outlook for Higher Education Under COVID-19 Constraints

Hearing Brief: Permian Basin Drilling and Production Update

New drilling in the Permian Basin fell 64 percent in May compared with a year ago, while the inventory of “drilled but uncomplete” wells remained high.