Legislative Finance Committee

General Fund Revenue Tracking: Accruals Through January 2019

General fund recurring revenues were $548.6 million in January 2019, up $164.3 million, or 42.8 percent from the same month a year ago. However, most of the increase is a reflection of accounting issues: Personal income tax collections were artificially deflated in January 2018 because of when refunds were booked, and insurance premiums tax collections were artificially inflated in January 2019 because of a distribution was booked a month early.

Program Evaluation: Status of Medicaid Management Information System Replacement Project

Replacement of the 15-year-old information system for the $6 billion Medicaid program, which handles 10 million transactions a year, has been delayed by changes in project management, staffing issues, and purchasing delays, all of which pose a risk to the project.

Health Notes: Medicaid Spending on Program and Managed Care Administration

The Human Services Department kept administrative costs for Medicaid to just 4 percent of total costs in 2018, and the four private managed-care organizations in the Medicaid system all fell within state-required limits of 14 percent in 2017, although some struggled as a result. Hospitals, which must maintain physical facilities, spent between 17 percent and 56 percent of their budgets on administration in 2017.

March 2019 Capital Outlay Quarterly Update

As of March, the state had $737.4 million outstanding for more than 1,600 projects. More than half of that funding -- $480 million -- was authorized last year, but $174 million dates back to 2017 and about $66 million is older than that.

Program Evaluation: The Department of Healths Role in the Early Childhood System

New Mexico must improve maternal and child health if it wants to capitalize on its investment in early childhood education, but the state lacks a cohesive strategy for address-ing weaknesses in those areas.