Legislative Finance Committee

Progress Report: Public School Funding Formula

The public school funding formula used to distribute the largest slice of the budget pie remains overly complicated and continues to fall short of certain needs, with problems first identified six years ago still unaddressed.

Hearing Brief: Judicial System Spending and Caseloads

Despite financial constraints in most state agencies, funding for the judicial system -- the state courts, district attorneys, and public defender -- has grown 9 percent since FY14. Meanwhile, caseloads grew 9 percent for the public defender, wereflat for the district attorneys, and dropped for the district courts.

Progress Report: Dual Credit

More high school students are taking dual-credit classes and earning college credit before graduation but, while the students who take the courses are less likely to need remedial college classes and to graduate on time, that might be the result of the aptitude of the students taking the classes, not the classes themselves.

Hearing Brief: Child Protective Services

Despite increased spending, a growing child abuse caseload is straining the ability of the Children, Youth and Families Department to protect abused and neglected children

Performance Dashboard (formerly Agency Report Cards), Fourth Quarter F17

Growing caseloads contributed to the Children, Youth and Families Department falling short on almost every performance target for child protective services and high vacancy rates and drug use appear to be contributing to violence in the state prisons, but the Tourism Department exceeded its target for tourism-related job creation and strength in the unemployment insurance trust fund means employer tax rates can be reduced.