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LegisStat: Child Maltreatment, May 2023

The Children, Youth and Families Department has taken steps to improve child protective services since the department last appeared before the committee in December, but legislators expect to see more marked improvement going forward.

Quarterly Capital Outlay Report, May 2023

Outstanding capital outlay totaled $3.2 billion at the end of the third quarter of FY23, including $1.8 billion for projects authorized by the Legislature through 2022 but still unspent.

Policy Spotlight: Homelessness and Affordable Housing Supports, May 2023

The state faces ongoing challenges in addressing the root causes of homelessness and transitioning individuals and families to more stable, permanent housing and has invested unprecedented levels of funding into new homelessness and affordable housing initiatives.

General Fund Revenue Tracking Report: FY23 Accruals through January 2023, May 2023

General fund recurring revenues for FY23 through January were $7.089 billion, up $1.7 billion, or 31.4 percent, from the same period a year ago. Total recurring revenues are currently tracking at $550.6 million above the December 2022 forecast.

2023 Post-Session Review, May 2023

The continuation of the economic boom provided legislators with a second year of opportunity in building the state budget and acting on policy initiatives. While the General Appropriation Act—$9.57 billion by the time the dust settled—is a focus of the legislative session, session action covered a range of topics, from investments in healthcare, early childhood and education, and water and natural resources to reforms in law enforcement training and oversight. The 2023 Post-Session Review looks at the enacted version of the General Appropriation Act and reviews the other financial and nonfinancial results of the 60-day legislative session.

Second Quarter Report Cards, FY22, April 2023

Performance for the midpoint of FY23 is mixed, with the Early Education, Care and Nutrition Program of the Early Childhood Education and Care Department receiving high marks overall and the Economic Development and Tourism departments showing strong results, but with Medicaid and other public assistance programs ranked at the bottom of the scale.

General Appropriation Act: HB2 as Substituted by the House and Amended by the Senate

Preliminary general fund appropriations for FY24 in House Bill 2 as substituted by the House and amended by the Senate (HB2) are $9.57 billion, up about 14 percent from FY23.

HAFC Substitute for House Bill 2

The House Appropriations and Finance Committee has adopted a $9.43 billion spending plan that would increase general fund appropriations for FY24 by 12 percent over the current year.