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Progress Report: Special Education, November 2023

Although the educational and financial landscape has shifted over the past 10 years, many of the issues surrounding special education revealed in LFC’s 2013 program evaluation remain.

Program Evaluation: Implementation and Outcomes of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, October 2023

Healthcare professionals are developing more than a thousand safe care plans a year for new mothers giving birth to babies exposed to drugs and other substances, but many substance-exposed newborns are falling through the cracks and follow-up for those mothers with plans is often ineffective.

Medicaid Accountability Report, September 2023

A delay in signing contracts with new Medicaid managed care organizations has slowed progress on program improvements, including provisions that would hold the organizations accountable for ensuring patient access to doctors.

Progress Report Addressing Substance Use Disorders, August 2023

Given the magnitude of New Mexico’s substance and alcohol use problems and its investments of more than $800 million in treatment, the state is spending relatively little in upstream interventions and prevention efforts.

Accountability Report: Early Childhood, August 2023

Early childhood services can lead to positive outcomes, and investments have increased over 50 percent since FY23; however, challenges with program implementation and oversight remain.

Program Evaluation: Higher Education Financial Aid – Opportunity and Lottery Scholarships, August 2023

New Mexico has invested substantially in higher education financial aid, but while enrollment is up, many students don’t make it to graduation.

Program Evaluation: Home Visiting Program, July 2023

Home visiting, parent education and supports for families, likely reduces child maltreatment and improves parenting, but participant often drop out and effectiveness may depend on the home visiting model used.

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The Program Evaluation Unit produces a variety of research reports that take a close look at the efficiency and effectiveness of state services and programs.

Finance Facts are one-page explanations of a specific aspect of state government, from how the budget bill is created to a summary of early childhood programs.

Session publications include the three volumes of the committee’s annual recommendation to the Legislature – policy and performance analysis, proposed appropriations, and supplemental tables and graphs – and the post-session review of legislative action.