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Program Evaluation: State Facilities and Space Utilization, November 2022

Unused building space costs the state up to $18 million a year, flagging a need for better space planning that considers staff vacancies and telework.

Program Evaluation: Impacts of Past Local Economic Development Act and Job Incentive Training Program Investments

The state has appropriation over $350 million to its two primary business incentive programs since FY16, but the programs carry significant balances and management could improve.

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The Program Evaluation Unit produces a variety of research reports that take a close look at the efficiency and effectiveness of state services and programs.

Finance Facts are one-page explanations of a specific aspect of state government, from how the budget bill is created to a summary of early childhood programs.

Session publications include the three volumes of the committee’s annual recommendation to the Legislature – policy and performance analysis, proposed appropriations, and supplemental tables and graphs – and the post-session review of legislative action.