Revenue Stabilization & Tax Policy Committee

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For more information, call (505) 986-4600 or send an email to Pam Stokes

Notice requirement: If you require special accommodations, such as a hearing interpreter, to participate in a meeting, please contact the Legislative Council Service at least five working days prior to the scheduled meeting day at (505) 986-4600 or by TDD phone at (505) 986-4653. Public documents from these meetings are available in alternative formats upon request.

Past Meetings

Nov 19, 2018
Oct 29 - 30, 2018
Sep 20 - 21, 2018
Jul 25 - 27, 2018
Jun 25, 2018

Committee Members

Representative Jim R. Trujillo DChair
Senator Carlos R. Cisneros DVice Chair
Representative Sharon Clahchischilliage RMember
Representative Roberto "Bobby" J. Gonzales DMember
Representative Jason C. Harper RMember
Senator Gay G. Kernan RMember
Representative Tim D. Lewis RMember
Representative Antonio Maestas DMember
Representative Javier Martínez DMember
Senator Mark Moores RMember
Senator George K. Munoz DMember
Senator Clemente Sanchez DMember
Senator William E. Sharer RMember
Senator John Arthur Smith DMember
Representative James R.J. Strickler RMember
Representative Carl Trujillo DMember
Senator James P. White RMember
Senator Peter Wirth DMember
Representative David E. Adkins RDesignee
Representative Eliseo Lee Alcon DDesignee
Representative Cathrynn N. Brown RDesignee
Senator William F. Burt RDesignee
Senator Pete Campos DDesignee
Senator Jacob R. Candelaria DDesignee
Representative Daymon Ely DDesignee
Representative Bealquin Bill Gomez DDesignee
Representative Bill McCamley DDesignee
Representative Rod Montoya RDesignee
Representative Debbie A. Rodella DDesignee
Senator Nancy Rodriguez DDesignee
Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero DDesignee
Representative Angelica Rubio DDesignee
Representative Patricio Ruiloba DDesignee
Representative Tomás E. Salazar DDesignee
Representative Larry R. Scott RDesignee
Representative Nathan P. Small DDesignee
Senator Elizabeth "Liz" Stefanics DDesignee
Representative Candie G. Sweetser DDesignee
Senator Bill Tallman DDesignee
Senator Pat Woods RDesignee

Public Members

No public members found