2021 Redistricting Information

Welcome to the New Mexico Legislature's 2021 Redistricting Website.

The Legislature established new election districts for the state's congressional, legislative and public education commission districts. The new districts for congress and the state house of representatives are effective for the 2022 election. The districts for the state senate will take effect for the 2024 election, while five of the public education commission districts are effective for the 2022 election with the other five effective for the 2024 election. The enabling legislation for each can be found as follows: Congress; Senate; House; Public Education Commission

Please note that officers elected from the districts established following the 2010 redistricting cycle continue to represent those districts and serve until their terms end following the next general election for their respective office. Therefore, until there is an election from a new district (in 2022 or 2024, depending on the office), the "old" district continues to exist.

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