2022 Regular Session - HM 51

HM 51


Raymundo Lara
Willie D. Madrid

Luis M. Terrazas

Doreen Y. Gallegos

Nathan P. Small

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Introduced (PDF)   2/08/22 Introduced (HTML)   2/08/22
Final Version   3/10/22

ActionText: [7] nt prntd-nt ref com-tbld [8] w/drn - PASSED/H (70-0) SGND.
(!) Indicates that a committee recommendation has been announced by the House of Representatives, but the report has not been formally adopted by the body. Adoption of these actions will be considered by the House at a later date.
Key to Abbreviations
Legislative Days with Corresponding Calendar Days

Legislative Day: 7
Calendar Day: 02/08/2022
Not Printed, Not referred to committee, tabled
Legislative Day: 8
Calendar Day: 02/17/2022
Withdrawn from committee or daily calendar for subsequent action
Legislative Day: 8
Calendar Day: 02/17/2022
Passed in the House of Representatives - Y:70 N:0
Signed by one or both houses (for legislation not requiring Governor's signature)