2023 Regular Session - SB 80

SB 80


Michael Padilla
Martin Hickey

Marian Matthews

Current Location
Died (API.)

Introduced (PDF)   1/17/23 Introduced (HTML)   1/17/23
SJC Committee Substitute   2/21/23

ActionText: SPREF [1] SHPAC/SJC-SHPAC [4] DP-SJC [8] DNP-CS/DP [9] PASSED/S (35-3) [11] HHHC/HJC-HHHC [14] DP-HJC API.
Key to Abbreviations
Legislative Days with Corresponding Calendar Days

Sent to SPREF - Referrals: SPREF
Legislative Day: 1
Calendar Day: 01/18/2023
Sent to SHPAC - Referrals: SHPAC/SJC
Legislative Day: 4
Calendar Day: 01/26/2023
SHPAC: Reported by committee with Do Pass recommendation
Legislative Day: 8
Calendar Day: 02/21/2023
SJC: Reported by committee with Do Not Pass but with a Do Pass recommendation on Committee Substitution
Legislative Day: 9
Calendar Day: 02/23/2023
Passed in the Senate - Y:35 N:3
Legislative Day: 11
Calendar Day: 02/25/2023
Sent to HHHC - Referrals: HHHC/HJC
Legislative Day: 14
Calendar Day: 03/06/2023
HHHC: Reported by committee with Do Pass recommendation
Action Postponed Indefinitely