September 21 - 24, 2021

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Indian Education Act Presentation LFC 9.20
LANL Foundation LFC Presentation September 2021 final for LFC
LFC Presentation Growing Our Own 9.21.2021
LFC Presentation Retaining and Supporting School Leaders (1)
LFC Public Education Subcommittee September FINAL
LPI Teacher Comp Staffing_NM LFC_2021.09.21_for sharing
PED LFC 9.21.21
Santa Clara Pueblo DYL LFC Presentation Sep 20 2021
SOAR Difficult to Staff K12 Positions for LFC
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ECHO LFC Presentation.pptx
Faculty Salaries Presentation for LFC
Luna Community College Faculty Salary Parity_Final
NMHU Presentation to LFC Higher Education Subcommittee 9 21 2021 by Provost Gonzales
NMSU Higher Education Subcommittee Presentation
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Progress Report - Addressing Pandemic Impacts on Learning Outcomes
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NMFA Presentation to LFC 9-22-2021
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Federal Stimulus Funding Update TAB - E
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Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Presentation
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Governors Commission on Disability Presentation
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ONRT presentation for LFC meeting 9.22.21
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YCC LFC hearing FY23
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NM Health Insurance Exchange Presentation
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Collapse Item 24Item 24
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FY2021 Fourth Quarter Performance Reports
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Education Trust Board
ETB Presentation for LFC
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Agricultural Experiment Station Presentation
NM Cooperative Extension Service Presentation
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NMDA Budget Presentation 091720211
NMDA Presentation
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State Ethics Commission
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NMLA LFC Update for 09.23.21
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NM Tribal College Presentation
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College of Education and Human Sciences
Teacher Preparation Programs
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UNM Health Sciences Center
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Mortgage Finance Authority Presentation

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