Legislative Finance Committee

General Fund Revenue Tracking Report: Accruals through January 2018

Fiscal year 2018 recurring revenue collection through January was $3.6 billion, up 15.6 percent from the same period a year ago. January recurring revenues were down from January 2017 but the decline appears to be a corrections of a personal income tax revenue anomaly reported last month.

Program Evaluation: The Modern-Day Role of the Agricultural Experiment State and Cooperative Extension Service

Changing demographics, a shift in the economic structure, and emerging social and environmental issues create a need for the state to reexamine the roles of the Cooperative Extensive Service and agricultural experiment stations.

E-911 Program Update

The state’s Emergency-911 program may be inadequately funded, funding is slow, and the state is unprepared for new technology, potentially foregoing millions of dollars in federal funding.

Agency Report Cards, FY18 Second Quarter

Significant improvement in foster care placements is among the successes highlighted in the quarterly agency report cards, while the lack of permanent employees in leadership positions at the Taxation and Revenue Department is among the concerns.

May 2018 Post-Session Review

An economic rebound made the 2018 legislative session a different experience from the session of a year ago and resulted in a $6.3 billion plan that increases spending by 4.3 percent over the current year, boosts spending on public schools, raises the base pay of teachers, adds $34 million to critical early childhood programs, substantially increases district attorney budgets, raises salaries for state police, corrections officers, public defenders and other hard-to-fill positions, and gives all state and school employees a pay hike.