Legislative Finance Committee

Quarterly Investment Report, June 2018

The aggregate value of the state's investment holdings for pensions and permanent funds grew by $2.4 bill in FY18 to $50.8 billion, a 4.8 percent increase over the prior year.

Quarterly Capital Outlay Report: June 2018

About $433 million in capital outlay for 1,406 projects was outstanding at the end of June, including $58.5 million earmarked for water projects, projects for the communities with substandard infrastructure known as colonias, and tribal infrastructure. In addition, another nearly $200 million for public schools was outstanding.

2018 Accountability Report: Early Childhood

Data in the annual accountability report on early childhood show mixed results, with the latest data on infant mortality, low birth weight, immunization rate, and prenatal care all declining, but results improving for early childhood programs funding, 4-years-olds in childcare or prekindergarten, and third grade scores on math and reading.

Program Evaluation: Corrections Department – Status of Programs to Reduce Recidivism and Oversight of Medical Services

While prison populations nationally have declined, New Mexico's has continued to grow, driven in large part by drug-related technical parole violations.

Press Release - Committee Expresses Condolences to Family and Friends of Larry Larrañaga

The members of the Legislative Finance Committee this morning were saddened to learn of the death of Larry Larrañaga, a former committee member who served as a Republican state representative from Albuquerque from 1994 until his resignation earlier this month.