Legislative Finance Committee

Preliminary FY20 General Fund Reserves May Be 20.1%

Based on action by the Fifty-Fourth Legislature on fiscal bills, the preliminary FY20 general fund reserves are estimated to be 20.1 percent.

Agency Report Cards, Second Quarter Fy19

The latest quarterly assessment of state agency performance shows high turnover at the Taxation and Revenue Department is hindering agency efforts to oversee tax collection and the number of inmates who end up back in prison is climbing, but inmate assaults are down and more people with behavioral health needs are getting help.

Highlights of SFC Amendments to General Appropriation Act

The 123 proposed Senate Finance Committee amendments to the House Appropriations Committee Substitute for the General Appropriation Act increase recurring appropriations by $19.4 million, including $1 million more for the Tourism Department, $6.75 million for Medicaid provider rates, $500 thousand for the developmental disabilities waiver, $750 thousand for the Corrections Department, $9.8 million for higher education, $1 million for adult education, and $3 million for Public Education Department initiatives for community schools and indigenous education. The committee considered 304 amendments proposed by senators and 106 amendments proposed by the executive.

Highlights of HAFC Substitute for HB2, 2019 General Appropriations Act

Spending levels in the committee substitute for House Bill 2, along with appropriations for the operations of the Legislature in HB1, would put FY20 recurring general fund appropriations at $7.013 billion. This is an increase of $684 million, or 10.8 percent, over the FY19 general fund operating budget.

Consensus Revenue Estimate Mid-Session Update

Although the mid-session update to the state revenue forecast is unchanged from December 2018, the Consensus Revenue Estimating Group urged caution due to continued risks from oil prices, trade wars, and the federal shutdown.