Legislative Finance Committee

Status Report of LFC Review of Criminal Justice System in Bernalillo County

The growth in Albuquerque’s crime rate has outpaced the state’s average since 2010 and Albuquerque has a higher rate for some crimes than than many big cities, but some New Mexico small cities have higher rates of total crime.

Health Notes: Behavioral Health Services for Medicaid Expansion Adults

The expansion of Medicaid under the federal Affordable Care Act has resulted in about 71,000 additional low-income New Mexicans accessing behavioral health care each year, but the results of that care appear mixed at best.

Report of the Legislative Finance Committee to the 53rd Legislature, Second Session (FY19 budget recommendation)

Volume 1: Policy and Performance Analysis
Volume 2: Appropriation Recommendations
Volume 3: Supplemental Charts and Graphs
Press Packet

The Legislative Finance Committee is recommending a spending plan for the fiscal year that starts July 1 that includes $6.26 billion in appropriations from the general fund and restoration of the general fund reserve and prioritizes spending on early childhood, education, public safety, and access to health care through Medicaid.

Financial Responsibility, Governance and Student Outcomes of Virtual Charter Schools

Students at New Mexico's virtual charter schools typically academically underperform students in traditional public schools while the schools themselves likely benefit from a state funding system that fails to address the untraditional structure of online education.

Public Schools Joint LFC/LESC Accountability Report

Despite spending more per pupil on instruction than some states, New Mexico consistently ranks at or near the bottom on many educational measures, suggesting increasing funding alone won't solve the problem.