Legislative Finance Committee

FY20 Budget Guidelines

General fund revenue growth has strengthened significantly, but the committee is focused on a balanced budget that avoids unsustainable expenditure growth.

Hearing Brief: New Mexico Pensions, August 2018

Despite recent efforts to reform public employee pensions,the funds remain significantly underfunded and were a factor in the downgrading of New Mexico's credit rating.

2018 Accountability Report: Childcare Assistance Outcomes

More children in the Childcare Assistance Program are attending higher quality childcare centers and slightly more children formerly in the program are achieving reading proficiency by third grade, but the cost per child has jumped.

June 2018 Capital Outlay Quarterly Report

More than $433.4 million in capital outlay dollars for 1,406 projects was outstanding at the end of the June, with more than $122.9 million of that authorized more than three years ago.

Program Evaluation: Higher Education Funding Formula

The number of credentials awarded by New Mexico colleges has increased since implementation of a new funding formula that rewards degree production, but the quality of the degrees or whether they resulted in good jobs is unknown.